DYI Building Your Own Home Week 3

Dated: 04/07/2015

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My hopes with this blog is to inform and help with anyone contemplating building their own home. I have gone through this process twice. All for all it was a rewarding adventure each time, each with there own ups and downs, but overall a great feeling to see your kids eyes light up when you tell them how you built their home, no many Dads get to say that anymore.

During that spring I had a lot of nerves going through my stomach! I did not understand the whole process and I did not understand everything the city was asking for. I  remember them saying they needed a plat showing where my home would sit and its position on the lot. This lot was full of trees, lots of brush and piles of branches and twigs. It was everyones dumping site for yard waste for years. I had an idea of where I wanted the house to sit, but no way of finding out until I dropped a couple trees. Hey Dad, Can I borrow the chain saw? "do you know how to run it" ummmmm sure?  One long Friday night and all day Saturday my lot was ready. Being a young 20 something helps when dropping 40 foot trees and cutting them up. Now with only a couple stumps in my way I could take out my 200' tape measurer and go to town. I knew my set backs from the city streets and how far I had to be from the side lot, After it was all done It looked like it should work? 

In todays world, and even then, you need a professional  civil engineer to draft your site plan. I did not have a lot of money to do this but I did have drafting classes back in  high school, what do I have to lose, all they could do is laugh and humiliate me in front of the city council. Once again being young........who cares! The city was requesting that I turn this one lot into its own Neighborhood with its own lot and block number. I thought this was crazy but now I understand why. Me being a slight smarass I wanted to name it 

LOT 1 BLOCK 1 Dirt and Tress.........that is what it was to me. With all of my OLDER influences around me they convinced me into not being a smart*** with ther city and go with a more traditional name

LOT 1 BLOCK1 Putters Field.....sappy but It was named after "Its a wonderful life" I know that was Potter's Field and being on a golf course, I thought Putters was more fitting. The night of the meeting was quite interesting, seeing a young kid who looked like he was only 15 stand in front of the city and present a hand drawn plat for a new home.......wow

I do not think my plat would get through a city council meeting these days but for some reason it worked back then. I have a couple contacts that will draft a simple split for free or next to nothing, If you need that assistance please give me a call.

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