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Kellie Tabery was very enthusiastic about helping us.

She was available and responsive to any questions we had and got answers for us quickly. She helped us sell our house and then helped us buy our new one.

Tyrone and Corliss Vadner

Will Tiedman was very kind, knowledgeable and very professional.

Will was able to sell our property in 5 days, very impressive! He did everything right. We hope to work with Will again in the future.

Kevin and Lisa Conway

Will did a great job, he is a very effective communicator and always replied to us in a quick and timely manner.

We sold are house very quick and the transition was so smooth. I would recommend Will. He is very knowledgeable and has a good grasp on the current housing market.

Richard and Paula Mandell

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Marlene Skrivseth


A dependable realtor with a good work ethic. She is realistic and honest about what she knows and doesn't know.

Mark Roubinek and Susan Stefanich

We were very satisfied with Susan Lucas, she was very easy to talk to, explained everything well, answered all our questions, she was great to work with.

Randy and Debra Drevecky

Barb Goerss and the 14 Moves Team were very helpful in our decision to sell the home we had lived in for over 20 years.

Barb and everyone else was professional and respectful in the valuation, marketing plan and closing activities relating to the sale which resulted in the sale of the Property in less than two weeks and for $5,000 more than list price.

Thomas and Paulette Miller

Kellie Tabery was very attentive to every detail of the selling process and communicated with us every step of the way.

There’s a lot that goes into getting your house ready to be put on the market and she was there for us! I had a lot of questions and Kellie was clear and patient every step of the way. Over the course of time, my respect grew because she followed through on every detail and made our hopes for the sale a reality. Kellie Tabery is an exceptional person with tremendous organization and communication capabilities. She was level-headed when we were anxious and that is an invaluable quality because we needed her calm judgement many times! She was truthful with us from beginning to end. She’s the sort of person that will research and find the best possible vantage point for her clients in every situation. This woman is not afraid of hard work! She will stick with it until it’s right. The 14 Moves team is stellar. The concept of having a whole group of people working for you is unbelievable—and they DO work to make everything flow! Barb Goerss is an amazing leader. We have also had the benefits of Barb’s expertise from the beginning of the process to the end. She and Kellie have co-partnered in the most amazing way. They are both so knowledgeable but at the same time, very approachable and compassionate. It’s obvious that they do this job with the highest level of concern for doing well by their clients. The emails, texts and phone calls that they have shared with me is a testimony to their commitment. 14 Moves is a highly respected company in the area and that is very reassuring as a client. I have watched this group respectfully and professionally handle every situation that they encounter. They are truly amazing people. Moving is hard work! There are so many things to consider. If ever we choose to move again, I know that it would be manageable and problem-free with Kellie Tabery and 14 Moves. Yes, things would come up, but Ithey are a team of problem solvers that work to make it right. Wouldn’t it be great if we could have a team that followed us through life, helping with every problem? That’s never going to happen but at least the job of moving can be simpler! I will always choose Kellie Tabery and 14 Moves!

Michael Sapa

Barb Goerss has been wonderful to work with.

Her knowledge and years of experience made selling and buying a home quick and easy for us. We've been so impressed with her responsiveness whenever we had questions during the process. We would highly recommend Barb!

William and Cathy Nyquist

Kellie Tabery is the BEST realtor we've EVER met.

She always goes above and beyond for her clients! She gives completely of herself with no reserve, and truly LOVES what she does. Kellie does everything in her power to make the process a wonderful experience! Thank you so much Kellie... You truly are a rockstar!!

Treeya and William Rodenberg

Will is a kind, knowledgeable person.

If he didn’t have the answer to our question, he went to the correct person for the answer. He is a joy to work with.

David and Debbie Stadum

We selected Barb to represent us when we sold our home due to her strong community presence, along with her geographic and industry knowledge.

She is well-respected and networked within our community, which was extremely important to us. Barb is also very trustworthy, knowledgable, and personable. In addition, she has strong communication skills and kept us informed of each step throughout the entire process. Thank you, Barb!

Aaron and Christina Forsythe

Ellen was excellent at communicating and answering any questions we had.

Very nice to have a realtor with good work ethic

Aaron Julson and Susan Bialka

Ellen is a very professional hard working agent who was always available to address any of our concerns or questions about the sale of our home.

I knew when I sent her a message there would be a timely response. I started out this process thinking maybe I should sell our home on my own. In hindsight, I'm glad I didn't go down that path. The 14 Moves team effort works well and doesn't put all responsibility of the sale on one agent. Thanks Ellen.

Wayne and Ruth Arndt

Will called me after I had requested information about a house I saw online.

He asked me what I was looking for in a house and didn't at all seem nervous about the fact that I knew exactly what I wanted and that I was determined to get it. He was very patient with me every step of the way and had absolutely no problem answering the many, many questions I had throughout our time together. Even when I was getting discouraged and wanted to give up, Will gave me words of encouragement and made me want to push on. He kept in touch with my realtor down in FL for the sale of my house. Whatever issues arose he got in touch with me right away to find out what I wanted to do. He made sure I was in control every step of the way. And that was very important to me. I couldn't have done this without him. I hope you are aware of what an amazing agent you have with Will. This guy deserves an amazing vacation and then some.

Kisha and Michael Allen

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